Magento desktop management solution

We are developing a desktop application "Magento Manager" for e-commerce websites which are built using a great Magento platform, "Magento Manager" application will be a complete solution for your daily task of managing the store. Using this application you will save countless hours of work, and get so many new features like Statistics, Graphs, buzz on new order and many more. These will not only help you understand your store stats rather many new things which are not possible using online magento's' features.

What feature will be available in upcoming release?

As we are in initial phase, we will launch Magento manager with some set of features, and we will add new features as soon as possible for us.

First Phase

  • Easy Orders management : Orders will get sync on your desktop and you can easily access these orders, create invoices, shipments and you will receive new order notification buzz.
  • Easy products Management : Bulk price, quantity, and other parameter change, easy product adding, modification, deletion.
  • Reports : Reports for Orders Best seller Products in date range, Orders by date range, Sales of selected products in a date range
  • Easy category Management : Easy category adding, modifying, removing
  • And many more features...

On which Operating system will it work?

It will work for every operating system which has flash player installed on it. So currently we are focusing on following operating systems.

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Mac
  • Linux

How much will it cost me?

Initial launches will be for FREE, You will also get free updates.

When will I get it?

We are trying hard to launch it as soon as possible. Though please register yourself by filling the below form, with your suggestion/feedback for the Magento Manager and we will inform you when "Magento Manager" is ready to download.


Your Suggestion/Feedback is important for us to improve "Magento Manager".


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