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Locale Domain Times used Message ID Message Preview
en messages 1 Features
en messages 1 About us
en messages 1 FAQ
en messages 1 landing.baseline2 Administrate your products, orders, and lot more !
en messages 1 landing.cta Discover
en messages 1 landing.client Trusted by over 200 clients across the world
en messages 1 landing.whatwedo.desc Specially designed with our customers to perfectly meet your needs
en messages 1 Order management
en messages 1 landing.features.two Product management
en messages 1 landing.features.three Category management
en messages 1 landing.process.title Continuous improvement
en messages 1 landing.process.desc A 3-step process to upgrade your Magento Manager
en messages 1 landing.process.text1 In order to best meet your expectations, we have set up a process for collecting information and your needs in order to continuously improve Magento Manager.
en messages 1 landing.process.text2 You will therefore become users and inventors of a constantly evolving solution.
en messages 2 landing.faq.cta Contact us
en messages 1 KodKodKod Team
en messages 1 We take everything in hand to facilitate the management of your e-commerce
en messages 1 landing.faq.desc If you can't find an answer to one of your questions, contact us!
en messages 1 landing.faq.question1 How is the integration of the tool with my site going?
en messages 1 landing.faq.question2 Are my data secure?
en messages 1 landing.faq.question3 I need more than 5 users, is this possible?
en messages 1 landing.faq.question4 Is it possible to request custom features?
en messages 1 landing.footer.baseline To improve your use of Magento, request a free 20 minute demo

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Locale Domain Times used Message ID Message Preview
en messages 1 A Magento Manager A Magento Manager
en messages 1 performant, simple, and fast! performant, simple, and fast!
en messages 1 Forget about slow Magento admin. Forget about slow Magento admin.
en messages 1 Demo Demo
en messages 1 Get in Touch Get in Touch